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The Adventures Of Kee-Wee (The Sky King)

Length: 22 pages12 minutes


Kee-Wee's first memories of life was of being enclosed in a space that was constantly getting smaller and smaller. It was there inside his egg space that Kee-Wee first remembered hearing the roar and hiss of the sea as it pounded at the land blocking it's way. Even though he wasn't aware of what the sounds were, during the times when his egg became dark and warm, Kee-Wee found the sounds to be extremely comforting.
The birth of Kee-Wee fulfilled the prophecy that had been thought of in the bird colonies as a fable, "A hatchling will be born who will tell of life before his birth, his spirit mother shall be the sea and his spirit father the sun, he shall be a bird of the sea, but of the land birds and sea birds, he shall be king.
Once upon a time long ago, before animals stopped speaking to man, Kee-Wee was born.

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