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Vampire Manifesto

Length: 308 pages4 hours


The hardest thing most kids my age have to deal with is graduating high school. I wish my life was that tranquil. There is a price on my head for three point five million dollars and my every move is being shadowed by a collection of individuals calling themselves the Marauders.

The only thing standing between them and me is a Vampire who takes offense to Immortals making power moves in his city without asking his permission first. Apparently I am destined to open one of the Boxes of Pandora and supernatural forces are converging on my position to either use me, because they want the contents for themselves, or kill me, so the Box stays sealed forever.

Vampires. Mutants. Werewolves.

This is my life now.

My name is Madison Amber Rose and this is the story of how I died.

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