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What Did You Say?

Length: 78 pages1 hour


What if absolutely nothing is turning out right? It's the summer after 7th grade, and for 12-year-old Tash, everything has changed, from parents to friends to summer vacation.

Her parents have just gotten divorced, and Tash and her mom are spending July at a borrowed trailer at the Tall Pines Trailer Park up north. There, Tash meets Polly, and then Luke and Jon, "two really cute boys," according to Polly, who are staying at Luke's cottage nearby.

As she tries to figure out how her new family set-up will work, and deals with missing her father and brother, Tash pushes the boundaries of behavior. Is she acting out because she's mad at her dad, or wants to prove something to her new friends? Even Tash isn't sure. Can she learn how to accept people and things for what they are, instead of longing for what she wants them to be?

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