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Beyond the Veil

Length: 85 pages1 hour


“Beyond the Veil” is a peek behind the scenes of some of the most famous happenings in the Bible. See the events of Jonah through the eyes of the ship’s captain; experience the wedding feast; follow a little boy as he witnesses Elijah teach the prophets of Ba’al a thing or two. These stories will delight young and old.

The six stories in this collection total over 23,000 words (about 43 pages)

Hide and Seek
This short, short story is based upon Genesis 3:8. It is the viewpoint of those events as seen through the eyes of one of the people involved.

A Little Cloud on the Horizon
The events of I Kings 18:19-46 are one of the more well-known Bible stories from Sunday School class. Here, we see the story as seen through the eyes of a young boy who becomes directly involved in those events.

An Unexpected Storm
Probably the most famous story of all in the Bible--and the most controversial--is the story of Jonah, as found in Jonah chapter one. Here, the reader experiences those events from the viewpoint of the ship’s captain.

Reception and Return
Based mostly upon the last few chapters of Revelation, one man finds himself at the final culmination point in history.

Not a Sparrow Shall Fall
This is a story about a miracle that is not found in the Scriptures. The author has taken three passages--Matthew 10:29; Matthew 19:13-15; and John 21:25 and woven a new story that he believes is within the bounds of Scripture.

A snowball races through space at 44,000 miles per hour. On the third planet, the inhabitants were unaware of the icy visitor to their solar system and could not see the splendor it was passing. Only one man had an inkling of what was to come; he alone had the faith to understand. This man was called Noah.

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