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Everybody Knows Yet Nobody Really Knows

Length: 239 pages1 hour


This book provides a succinct commentary on our daily lives. Each page introduces an observation that, for most readers, will bring back memories from their own life. It provides a fun look at things we are very familiar and think we know a lot about. The book acknowledges this knowledge in the first part of the title "Everybody Knows." It then goes on to add a series of thoughts and points we most likely did not know. Sometimes this comes in the form of a new twist or thought. Other times it comes in the form of obscure, but interesting new facts on the topic, or maybe intriguing points from a survey. Hence, the book carries the conflicting second part of the title "Yet Nobody Really Knows." Now we can laugh and smile at what we knew while we think about a new twist on this and then enjoy collecting new tidbits of knowledge we never knew. This will provide a rich collection of thoughts sprinkled with new intriguing facts and tidbits we can’t wait to share with our friends.

So how is this accomplished? The thought of each page is presented in a simple four to six line poem where each line rhymes. This is done as a fun way to introduce the thought and encourage reflection on the topic at the same time. A short afterthought follows enhancing the thought. Even though these thoughts are about common experiences, they frequently carry unusual insight. The second half of each page contains a series of interesting facts, quotes, survey results, or maybe a short story providing commentary on the thought. Here many new and interesting points are shared. Over 500 online references are provided allowing additional reading on many of these new and interesting points. The book looks at a wide range of thoughts from personal and family topics, to school and work, and those we find as we travel out and about in the world. The book closes by spending some time on some specific character traits that will uplift and inspire.

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