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Killing Mr. Rockefeller

Length: 268 pages4 hours


A 19-year old nobody is found trapped under the naked body of a dead politician. Some people have all the luck.

Newspaper reporter Kathryn Murphy’s picture-perfect existence is ceremoniously wadded up and tossed under the steamroller of life when her notorious predecessor, Fallon Foxe—former lover of the late Nelson Rockefeller—returns to work for the newspaper. As a result, Kathryn is drop-kicked into the Obituary Department—the journalism career equivalent of an elder care hospice. In an equally brutal twist of fate, Kathryn discovers the love of her life is really a closet pill-head with a rehab history that rivals Lindsay Lohan’s. In an effort to save her career and her sanity, Kathryn enlists the help of the District Attorney and sets out to uncover the secrets Fallon has been keeping since the night Rockefeller died.

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