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The Israel Bond Omnibus

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In the mid-1960s, when Playboy was serializing the adventures of the world’s most famous superspy, they interspersed them with Sol Weinstein's rollicking tales of the Jewish state’s most hilarious weapon, Israel Bond. After the book editions of what the Chicago Tribune called “probably the funniest secret agent parodies ever written” had sold over a million copies, they were allowed to fall out of print. Decades later, they're back, in new editions with a new editorial polish by the original author, with all four novels in this one, bargain-priced e-book.

Israel Bond may seem like a simple-if-sexy salesman for Mother Margolies’ Old World Chicken Soup, but when the Holy Land needs his skills – his quickness with a pun, his second-to-none semitic seduction techniques, and (if absolutely necessary) his abilities at actual espionage – then the man known by the code name Oy-Oy-7 (licensed not only to kill, but to say prayers over the corpse) does what needs to be done. Whether sneaking matzoh under the Iron Curtain, competing in a life-and-death game of La Guerre, battling the agents of TUSH, or having intimate encounters with such seductive beauties as adventuress Sarah Lawrence of Arabia, Xerox’s mistress of reproduction Kopy Katz, and Sister Sweetcakes the Swinging Nun, Oy-Oy-7’s life may be crazy, but never boring.

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