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Aberrant (short)

Length: 140 pages3 hours


In 1961, the town of Echo was like any other small town: peaceful, remote, and safe. The picturesque island near the town was a favorite place for the local teenagers until something sinister moved in and they started disappearing. The search party sent to the island to find the judge’s daughter and her friends never returned. As fire engulfed the island, their empty boats drifted back to shore. The town was abandoned and the truth remained hidden.
Fifty years later the town had become home to newcomers. One of them was Delilah Dale, a student at Echo high, and her workaholic parents.
The Painfully Perfects, Echo High’s It crowd, tormented Delilah. When she could no longer tolerate their heartless attacks, she escaped to the island where she met Jack. The island, feared by the town, became Delilah’s refuge.
When The Perfects followed Delilah to the island to test her, Delilah fell victim to one girl’s jealous rage. Not wanting to lose the girl he loved, Jack decided to save Delilah the only way he could think of; by making her Aberrant.
Delilah’s new-found strength and understanding bring with them a fresh confidence and rage. It is time for The Perfects to pay; after all, what goes around, comes around.

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