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Get to YES! The subtle art of persuasion in the sales and negotiation process

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If you want to be consistently successful and persuasive in the sales or negotiation process you need only understand and apply some simple ideas. Make it simple, keep your focus, and work through to a positive result that works for all parties.

As a sales professional or negotiator:

You will be more effective, when you are sensitive and aware of the real needs, motivation and position of your client.

You will be more powerful, when you are clear about your own needs, motivation, position and what you bring to the table.

You will be more persuasive when you learn to actively listen, state your case with clarity and confidence.

We need to explore ways of being more effective with our time which will free up our energy and resources for our most important goal - finding, negotiating with, selling, and retaining our clients.

To be effective in sales and business, you must deal with three areas.


To the degree that you work with your clients to take care of these areas your profitability and long term viability will be impacted. If we help people deal with their pain - will they need us when it's gone? Helping them to gain offers a bit more opportunity to serve. But if you can work with them thru the pain, help them gain and then take them thru to helping them grow and sustain growth you will become a major part of their team.

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