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Deep in the Country

Length: 37 pages37 minutes


Warning: Explicit Erotica. I lost track of time. Suddenly there was movement outside the window. I looked up from the computer and saw Bill looking in at me. He was wearing just a pair of old shorts and his wide-brimmed hat. He had the remnants of a roll of fencing wire over his arm and carried what looked like a hammer and a pair of pliers. His chest was sweaty and dusty. Flecks of dirt hung in the fair hairs between his nipples. I realised that I hadn’t seen him like this since that swim at Garie.

I heard him go to his bedroom and then into the bathroom. I heard the shower running and imagined him in there, naked, his hands washing the grime and sweat from his hard body.

Justine leaves the city for a weekend at Bill's country place. Their long friendship finally turns into something more.

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