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Length: 21 pages16 minutes


When the UPS driver turns out to be an alien with a mysterious package that could upend human history, Mac, the family dog, makes it known that she does not approve. Her master defends humanity and is brought before an alien committee to explain his violent deed. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance while he musters the poise he needs to defend himself, his family, and his planet.

ALPHA HAD AN immigrant's soul.
That's the best way I can describe him to you, who have known him all his life. Alpha was quick to accept blame, easily persuaded by those who are merely sure of themselves, and deeply fearful of authority. None of these things rendered him unfit to be a friend, but they did necessitate a certain awareness of his predicament which I was unaccustomed to assuming.
You have asked me to tell you his story, but I only know the end of it. You are much more conversant with the details of his life. Which is as it should be, of course. In truth, I can be a witness only to his death. If this is what you wish. I am here to offer it to you, with the understanding that his story comes filtered through my mind, now much changed by the upheaval he has wrought on our world.
Pardon me for my impertinence. I do not wish to impugn or malign anyone on this committee. I appreciate your considerable hospitality towards me and my family. How are they, by the way?

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