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Brief Encounters

Length: 100 pages1 hour


It is incredible how just one thing changing in your life can make such an impact. For some it is a change of job, moving house or taking a relationship to the next level.
For Mouna it is her husband leaving and discovering she has breast cancer. But she isn’t going to go down lightly. With the looks and body to match she decides to become a cougar before life passes her by.
It takes a chance encounter to start her free fall in to lust. A charity caller contacts her, peddling one of the multitude of charities that ‘require your donation right away’. This one is different, not only helping a charity, but in a way a charity case himself. A recovering leukaemia patient, he works in this job not only to give back, but also fund his writing. A kindred spirit perhaps? Or the muse to her own desires.
Their first chat is brief but heated, their voices entwined as if time has stopped and the torch of desire lit. For Mouna this is the kick start she needs, each sentence from one to the other laced in double entendre and vivid description. The newly appointed text friend fuels her desires to explore her sexuality, to take those strides she has long forbidden herself to take. He writes erotica and sends her some unpublished stories. She emails back all the sexual experiences she has.
The question is whether they will finally meet up to pursue this fantasy of lust in the flesh.

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