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The Random Circle

Length: 136 pages2 hours


Synopsis of
The Random Circle
by Sujit Basu

The first chapter begins with violence.
The protagonist Megh is sorrounded by seven ruffians. The place is a small town named Midnapore in West Bengal (India) and the time is after the dissolution of United Front government in the early seventies.

In the second chapter, the reader gets glimpses of the Soviet way of life in the Communist era. The reader is also acquainted with Lena, the Russian beauty , who is his girlfriend. Megh brings her to his temporary abode, the Akademia Nauk hotel. They chat ,drink ,dance and end up by making love.

In the third chapter the scene shifts to a hostel in Mumbai where airhostesses live. Brishti, an Air India airhostess, is going to the airport to meet his boyfriend Manoj We also come to know about her family background and about her elder brother Rudra , who was a brilliant student but left his studies and joined an ultraleft outfit.
In the fourth chapter we meet Brishti’s boyfriend and lover Manoj. It turns out that he is a real Casanova and spends his free time in nightclubs with pretty call girls. His soul aim of being friendly with Brishti is to take her to bed by hook or by crook..

Once again the scene shifts back to Moscow from Mumbai and once again Lena makes her appearance. We also come to know of his dilemma.

The next chapter is titled cloud and rain signifying the meeting of Megh and Brishti. Megh in Bengali means cloud and Brishti in Bengali means rain. But the chapter begins with the breakup between Megh and Lena as per Megh’s wish.

The next chapter is titled Around the City and describes Brishti’s tour of Moscow with Megh as guide. They visit many places of tourist attraction Megh come to know that Brishti is the sister of his dead comrade Rudra.

The next chapter is aptly titled Torrential Rain. It is the second day of their tour of Moscow and gradually Megh becomes attracted to her. After the dinner Brishti accompanies her to his room and circumstances force her to stay in the night and before they knew it, they are making love. Torrential rain comes to his life.
Brishti departs , but not before extracting a promise from Megh that he will reply to her letters, but Megh never replies.
After a few days Megh gets pretty bored and decides to visit his friends in the
Patrice Lumumba University, but gets bored to death by their talks of money and sex.
Megh decides to go to India to meet Brishti in person. He wants to tell her why they can’t be united. While boarding the Air India plane to Mumbai he is greeted by none other than a pale Brishti who invites him to stay for a few days in Mumbai.
Suddenly their plane catches fire and the pilot has no other option than crash landing....

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