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Lost and Found (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #5)

Length: 27 pages15 minutes


# Lost and Found (Sin Fantasy Thriller Series #1)
Someone has kidnapped an old woman who is connected with a powerful relic from the time gone by. In steps Sin on what he thinks is the easiest job ever. Imagine his surprise when a woman from his past and the Clues Gray – a lethal gang of thieves – step in to make life difficult for him.

This story is about 3500 words.

#Please note the events in this story happen prior to Sin 4 and after Sin 3#

# Other Titles In This Series:
- Hell's Gates (Story #1)
- Soul Shards (Story #2)
- Hell's Gates and Soul Shards (Combined Story Pack)
- Bad Friendships (Story #3)
- The Eyeless (Story #4)
- Sin 3 and 4 (Combined Story Pack)
- Lost and Found (Story #5)
- Sin: Stories 1-4 (Collection)
- Oddity's Story (Story #6)
- Lost and Found and Oddity's Story (Combined Story Pack)
- Vampire Mystery (Story #7)
- Love and Sin (Story #8)
- Vampire Mystery and Love and Sin (Combined Story Pack)
- Sin: Stories 5-8 (Collection)
- Death of Sin (Story #9)

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