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The Lads Army

Length: 247 pages3 hours


Imagine being a teenage boy in war torn Britain, your dad’s missing, presumed dead and London is falling around your ears. With no school, no rules and no meddlesome adults around, what would you do?

That's what William Philips asked himself when he was bundled into a truck heading north to East Lothian in the spring of 1940. As Hitler’s Nazi Germany invaded Europe at a frightening pace most feared Britain would be next. Surely living in the middle of the Scottish countryside with a half-sozzled old priest would be the safest place for him?

Inspired by the comic book hero Drake Tempest, Will and his new found friends go looking for adventure. Discovering a secret network of German spies collaborating with the Irish Republican Army, they find themselves in a whole heap of trouble as life becomes a fight for survival. Little did they know that their actions would change the course of history forever.

WARNING - NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER READERS - Contains strong language and scenes of violence.

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