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The Wholly Liable

Length: 217 pages3 hours


Growing up in the beautiful State of Idaho, Ron suffered an ugly childhood. Against the odds, he became Special Assistant to the Governor of Idaho where he wrote abuse legislation and lobbied for its passage, never knowing what force was driving him. What began as a quest for truth and understanding led to a shocking discovery. Over the course of 12 years, Ron probed his and others' memories leading to some horrifying revelations, not least of which were theological roadblocks placed to prevent the pursuit of justice and the apathy of those involved. Ron's journey of soul-searching, his quest for truth and justice and his perceived need for salvation led him to Jerusalem, the center of the world's main religions, and the epicenter of the world's most intractable conflict; a place about which so many lies are told that one must study to know the truth. Ron chose a people that suffer collectively as he does personally. This is the story of one man's abuse and another's abuses, and also a commentary on the abuse of religion, the religious abuse of humanity and religion's role in the diminishment of the child. A challenging and enlightening book - this is one of the most important books that you will ever read.

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