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A Hiding To Nothing

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High on one of the most dangerous glaciers in the French Alps a young couple go missing.
Meanwhile in Paris a former Russian Spetznaz Special Forces agent ransacks their apartment. What is he searching for?
Are they dead? Or have they engineered their own disappearance?
And why should Geneva-based UN refugee official Don Ward take such an interest in their plight, risking his own life and that of his Estonian lover?
His naive curiosity leads from the Alps through Paris to Istanbul and beyond as he tries to fathom out the connection between a Missing Persons notice in a ski resort and a flow of refugees away from strife in the Caucasus.
A Hiding To Nothing is an adventure that takes in missing Russian millions and the internecine wars that still dog parts of the former Soviet Union. Don Ward, as a UN refugee expert could expect to have answers but he will find himself out of his depth until a chance clue from a patient in a North of England nursing home provides a breakthrough.

DAVID WALLEN is a former journalist who worked for a variety of UK and international newspapers in many places around the world, including Geneva where much of A Hiding To Nothing is set. He currently runs a London-based public relations consultancy. David was a contributor to a major history of the 20th century. This is his first novel.

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