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Daddy and Me (Daddy Dearest, Volumes 1-3 & Daddy's Angel)

Length: 80 pages1 hour


Available in one volume for the first time!

Get all three Daddy Dearest stories, plus a BONUS story, "Daddy's Angel", in one place and SAVE 25%! It's buy three, get one FREE! Carry over 22,000 words of naughty, steamy, raunchy fantasies on your iPhone or other mobile eReader wherever you go!

Here's what you're getting:

DADDY'S GIRL: Katie's mom up and leaves her and her step dad, John, when John loses his job. Now it's just the two of them, and after a weekend of binge drinking and an interesting show on the History Channel, Katie and John find a way to "come together".

DADDY'S DYKE: Katie and her step-dad, John, are building a close relationship. Now they want to bring Cat, Katie's best friend, into the mix. Cat has had a long time crush on Katie, and she jumps at the chance to help Katie become "Daddy's little dyke."

DADDY'S SLAVE: Katie's step-dad, John, is out of a job. But when John's old boss, Doug, offers to give John his job back in exchange for a tryst with Katie, she thinks something's up. Why is Doug being so forgiving now? Katie decides to go along and find out; after all, it's what any good little slave would do. . . .


DADDY'S ANGEL: Kelly's mother, Pam, saved her husband, Luke, from his drug and alcohol addiction before she married him. Now Pam has died, leaving Kelly alone with her step father. Luke is slipping back into his old habits, and Kelly knows they need each other. She can think of only one way to save him from himself. . . .

That's FOUR stories for the price of THREE! A 50% SAVINGS!

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