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The Hour Glass Dagger

Length: 339 pages5 hours


The Hour Glass Dagger

Come with me and together we will journey through Leversa’s Creation from one end to the other. This book, The Hour Glass Dagger, sets the background that begins our journey. My name is J-Marr and I will be your travel guide.
Come walk with me, as we tread through Kessela’s Grasslands. It is a place where things are not always what they seem. The existence of Grass Runners will seal that thought as truth. If not, I'm sure the many surprises nestled within the waist high grass and lazily rolling foothills will.
We will be wading through Sinisin’s Swamp. I can't wait to show you the Water Lilies, who live within the outskirts of the swamp.. If they don't inspire true awe, the eighteen-inch dragonflies they ride certainly will. There is also a good chance we could meet the Swamp Priestess, Shell-Lee, and her guardian Jeremiah. They are always aware of who wades within their waters.
We will be gliding over Gullisen Jentry’s ice-encrusted winter land. In this area, only the toughest and bravest survive. It is here that the tall and muscle bound barbarians call home. Tread cautiously; giant polar bears and ice wolves are always hungry and do not hesitate to stealthily pounce from behind.
Come climb with me, and watch your step as we scale the Tuskin Mountain Range. It is home to not only the dwarves living on and around Mount Magmere, but home also to the rock trolls who have dug their home into the center of the mountain region,protected by Tuskin’s Cloak.
We will be ascending high up within Everon’s Oaks, into the large trees themselves where magical wood elves have created their tree cities and towns. Along our way to them, if you were to look closely, you may spy members of the Forest Guardians, made up of the stealthy earth elves.
Come swim with me as we brave the waters of Leversa’s Basin. This is the largest body of fresh water in all the land. We could sail upon it for a month and never see the true beauty to be had; the water elves generally build their wonderous cities under the surface, out of view from all except their kind.
Now listen to me closely. The last area we will be visiting is not one that I like to take travelers to. It is not an area as of yet that we can walk, climb, or swim to. It is not an area known to any but the Lost and the Faithless who live there. Only a wizard or sorceress who has mastered all the Flows (Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Temperture, and Death) has the power needed to mold those residues together to create the instant transportation spell. I wouldn’t be a very good guide if I wasn’t able to, but again, I will ask you to be careful.
**** POP ****
We are now within the Land of the Faithless. The Faithless are humans who were brought here by a powerful wizard over nine hundred years ago. They have been here multiplying, building a skilled army numbering near into the millions, and waiting for the Coming; when the son of Death returns “at a time of HIS choosing,” and,“The Lost and the Faithless that you are now, you will no longer be.” I was just quoting a passage within the coveted “Book of the Faithless”. The people are, as a whole, very disciplined in their daily routine of making babies to farm or fight. By sheer numbers alone they are a force to be reckoned with. Throw in the Lost,the very son of Death himself, and all the shadows of death under His control...
I am thinking you are beginning to understand. Yes?
**** POP ****
Here we are, back at Leversa’s Creation as the rest of the population knows it. You probably wouldn’t recognize where, as I do. If you check your map, you will find us to be South of Leversa’s Basin, sandwiched between the outskirts of Everon’s Oaks and the Sinisin Swamp. We are in the only large city in the immediate Southern land. Its name is Bek’noni, and it is here that the story begins.

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