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A Cross of Dandelions and Daisies

Length: 419 pages7 hours


The roof leaks and the city is in ruins but 13 year old Rebecca is happy; until she comes home to her mother’s naked body in the bath. Fearing she will be evacuated, like other kids during the war, she secretly buries her mother beneath a cross of dandelions and daisies and moves in with her aunt. At sixteen, she attends a dance and her life is changed forever.

Justin is a quiet, shy boy who rarely speaks and loves to draw. He learns through observation and rarely asks questions except of his brother, who hardly ever tells the truth. At 10 years of age, he forms a special relationship with Lindsay, a skinny, shy girl who is rarely allowed out. She sits at the window watching Justin and his friends, believing she can transport her body into their games and that she can kill with her eyes. When Lindsay is abused by her uncle it is time for Justin to take action.

A fast paced adventure and tale of triumph that follows the lives of three unlikely characters who are born into a world rarely seen.

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