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BuCi's Erotic Fantasies, Book 1

Length: 78 pages1 hour


Box Set: First three "BuCi" Short-Stories together.
[1]= "In What Universe!?" - An explicit sexual/romantic encounter between a man and an intersex person, then add a woman.
[2]= "953 to 946 BC" - An ancient couple introduces three adult male virgins to sex their way.
[3]= "Sausage Island" - On an island of vegetarians, there's only one kind of sausage. And every man's sausage is expected to have lots of stamina.
== GLBTIQ Erotic Romantic Fiction Anthology ==
explicit, speculative, pansexual, bisexual, male-male, and male-female group-sex fantasies (explicit -- often a little weird or twisted -- but harmless and consensual, with a dash of romance and a splash of humor)
**warning** explicit group-sex situations **adults only**

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