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Conspiracy to Rape America

Length: 241 pages2 hours


This story is a semi-biographical tale taken from the journals of 1st Lieutenant Ben R. Games, 4th Fighter Squadron, USAF, written from 1948–50 during the start of the Korean War (Police Action). It is about flying the B-29 Superfortress, P-61B Black Widow, F-80A Shooting Star, F-82G Twin Mustang, and tells how the Games Clan lived and worked for their country during a time of world confusion. The author’s family lived on Kadena Air Force Base for 25 months while the author flew night intruder missions and air defense flights from Naha, Okinawa. The author uses the entries on his USAF Form #5 flight records and notes written in his journal to verify the story.

The Korean War or Police Action was fought with the United Nations establishing the rules of engagement. These rules were designed to give advantage to the Communist Chinese soldiers who out-numbered the Americans five to one. The Korean War was a perfect test to see if the United States would give up the fight for freedom. We wouldn’t and didn’t.

Ben R. Games, PhD, Major, CW-4, TCNA-6, flew bombers and night fighters during WWII, then Jet Fighters for the USAF during the Korean War, and Chinook helicopters in Vietnam for the 1st Cavalry Division. He is a member of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society with 737 recorded combat hours. He retired from military flying in 1978 after 35 years.

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