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Tarot and the Dawn of Light: A pre-planned path to Enlightenment

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The Tarot Keys are designed to illustrate a series of transitions between the consciousnesses of the normal personal self (the ordinary state of everyday “ego-consciousness”) and that of super-conscious self-realization. In other words this transition begins with the superficial understanding which may be initially harbored by the ego-self, which imagines the world of physicality to be outside the realm of the mind and consciousness. It then extends onwards to the state of full Self Realization. In this latter state, the viewer comprehends that all “external” imagery rests in a single source, that is, in One Consciousness Alone. Fusion with such identity carries with it the direct knowledge of that from which all derives. As a set of illustrated cards describing the transition-states in self-realization, the Tarot illustrates a process whereby the individual personal self may come to understand its true nature as a temporary aspect of the supreme.
This is accomplished through an essentially "Western" viewpoint although much of the symbolism used has been related to ancient Hebrew and even Egyptian sources. Like all sacred texts, the language used to describe the states of consciousness involved is somewhat specialized so that specific attention must be paid to both the wording and the symbolism involved if the cards are to be accurately interpreted and understood.

Particular attention is focused on the wolf (past lives) of Key 18.The impulses that arise as the wolf howls its anguish are initially uncontrollable from within the standpoint represented by the current life. To deal effectively with these it is necessary to journey beyond the current life and seek confluence with the source of that pain within the life from which it arises. Once cleared of such impulses the realized individual is then available for participation in focus-groups that can then act jointly to clear the barriers that have resulted in the current global crisis. Everybody here and now is here because of the past that must be disassembled if we are to get out of the endless cycles of civilization and destruction. To clear the past, to change it, necessarily means we change the future and for the better. Before we can really help by influencing the present through Tarot-mediated interventions we have to clarify, make peace with, ourselves. Tarot-focus-groups may, if they pick the right target and particularly if they were all themselves involved in the first place, exert sufficient effects to make major changes for the better in current phase-space. Thus, for instance, if you wish to heal the Earth first heal yourself.

Focus-groups should develop a core of "pure spirit" that in so doing could thereby change the future. A focus group consisting of a number of supportive individuals making it their business to support each other in regressing into past lives, fully in control, could then change negative acts into positive acts. There is a saying to the effect that for the higher self, there is no mistake only learning and yearning so it is necessary to carry-out some ground-work in order to define the kinds of interventions that focus-groups might perform.

It cannot be imagined that this is the first time such a form of intervention has been attempted. When things went well, an age of light would have followed. When the intervention was ignored or when it collapsed because of intra-group frictions, an age of darkness would have developed. That we are still locked into the necessity of performing this ritual suggests that it has never been performed to the level of perfection necessary to escape from the cycle of repetitive instances of stone-age to high technology civilizations that clutter the past.

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