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Death In The Arena

Length: 322 pages3 hours


A decade-old vengeance coursed through John Studebaker’s veins.

For more years than he could remember, he had been pursuing a ruthless, mysterious drug lord named the Silver Fox. The pursuit destroyed his career as a DEA agent and a Rivertown cop. It led to the death of his wife and daughter. A good friend. And it sent him to prison for two years for crimes he didn’t commit, much of it spent in solitary confinement.

When released, he set out to get his revenge on the drug lord. And on the traitor who had nearly destroyed him.

But at what cost?

Was it worth the lost of an idealistic politician who he had befriended, who might change the course of the world for the better?

Was it worth the loss of his new girlfriend, his brother, his best friend?

And was it worth the loss of the two kids who had become an integral part of his life?

In the end, did he really have a choice? He was who he was. And that man killed those who needed killing.

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