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The Sons of Liberty

Length: 325 pages5 hours


Hope, anger, fear, insanity, despair, and desolation are several aspects of the atmosphere that shroud the conquered populace of the war torn wasteland called Earth.

An army of evil, known as The Army of Apocalypse, overran and overpowered the established governments of the world during its time of peace. They do as they please, and crush those who oppose. Many cower at the sight and allusion of this wretched army, but not for the Reed brothers—they act as the shining light of hope in this dark era. Paul and Gabriel Reed are a pair of loving brothers who stand side-by-side in a fight against the world’s demons—as well as their own. The legendary pair journey around the globe taking out The Army’s leaders, sabotaging bases of operations, and gathering loyal followers that leads to the creation of the ultimate resistance—The Sons of Liberty

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