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Rasp: The Imperial Way

Length: 89 pages1 hour


The Regiment has cleaned things up, after a spat between some desert locals. Happy, loaded to the last camel grunt with loot scoffed off the survivors, heading home. Only to have Imperial space fighters drop in to do their normal terrorize lowly dirt huggers thing. Happily, this time the Regiment has confiscated Beamers, banned on this primitive world, and handy for swacking fast things with wings. A cook-off ensues, only to have an Air Lifter arrive. Now minus it's escort fighters it takes them, camels, loot, and all, into space for an emergency confab.
Aliens have been, apparently, eating ore freighters and some bigshot's nephew, so something has to be done about it. Real soon now. Right through and past the difficulties presented by space people interacting with camel people and their human loot.
Swapping in huge crabs for camels they drop onto the alien's heavy gravity planet to do the normal teaching, only to have things go awry. Situation normal. Spacers revenge combines with the usual culture shock found when fighting underground cities of huge enemy worms. Plus the usual details, they know camels spit but have to learn how crabs speak in colors. Worse, camels hate crabs. Worse still, blind, deaf, alien worms adapt faster to fight better than both the space fighters and the crab warriors. Battered, hungry, seeing reinforcements splattered, they prowl the battlefield for freshly dropped grub.

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