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City of Dis: An Urban Midgard Short Story

Length: 46 pages53 minutes


For Colbie Moss, being the undead avatar of a Norse Fate might not be enough to get her into the T and back out with her undeath intact. Somewhere in the heart of the gang-infested apartment building is a mythic blade she has already killed to recover. Colbie has called upon the aid of a Seid-witch and a demonologist, but she has no idea how much she’s going to need them or that one of them has his own reasons for helping her. Will it come down again to a trade of blood for a friend’s soul? To retrieve the blade and save someone she loves, her choice is a deal with a demon or a deal with a devil. It would be an easier decision if one of them wasn’t her ex-husband.

“City of Dis” is an Urban Midgard short story, approximately 11,900 words (or roughly 40 pages) of urban fantasy with a noir sensibility. It continues the events of the short story “Dis” but is intended to stand alone.

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