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The Freshman Fifteen: Orientation

Length: 172 pages2 hours


In The Freshman Fifteen: Orientation we meet Huntar Fischer, a college freshman more worried about losing his virginity than saving the world. For a normal freshman that would be expected, but despite his best efforts, Huntar-with-an-A is no normal freshman. Huntar Fischer has a shocking secret.

Huntar shoots energy from his hands when he's stressed out, and that's just the beginning. He has fourteen other powers to learn, before he saves the world on his twenty-fifth birthday and fulfills the Quarterlife Prophecy.

Orientation includes the first three chapisodes:

'Sconnie' - Huntar sits in his first class of college with a duct-tape bandage on his forehead reliving the events of last night's party and how he met the mysterious Sebastien-with-an-E.

'Walk of Shame' - A new friend answers some of Huntar's questions about Sebastien's past, and Lukas discovers Huntar's newest power as Huntar prepares for his confrontation with Sebastien.

"Interrobang' - It's the second week of classes, and Huntar begins training with Lukas, while he tries to track down Louise as he avoids all the questions as to how he solved the Sebastien Situation.

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