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Gitch: Unillustrated Edition

Length: 369 pages5 hours


Have you ever had one of those days where everything and everyone seems out to get you? You know: killer plants, hungry giants, cannibal fuzzies, Dad with a shotgun, aerial assault mosquito squadrons . . . .
Leopards, lizards and roaches, oh my!

Retired research engineer Gitchel Oliver Dunnen wakes on an alien world and gradually discovers he has god-like powers where his slightest wish comes true, often putting Gitch and those around him in grave danger, as errant thoughts bounce him through space-time.

A rejuvenated body is just the beginning for Gitch as he realizes he is not living a dream, especially not when he meets himself as a child and clearly remembers the encounter. While seeking answers and fighting for survival on this strange odyssey, Gitch soon finds he has inadvertently attracted the attention of the insect Empire responsible for enslaving a large portion of our galaxy––marking Earth as a target for invasion. With the aid of Fauxx the giant stoned panther, sorority queen Cindy Lu Barnsworth of the Savannah Barnsworths and Trilli an incredibly ancient foul-mouthed fairy, along with others, Gitch forms a motley fellowship to depose the gigantic Bug Queen––Koronatha.

Gitch , the first in B.L. Ander's epic adventure series Cycle, introduces a multiverse teaming with immortals and chaos, where a stranger might be older than our universe and powerful beyond imagining.

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