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Goodnight Daddy

Length: 127 pages1 hour


When Kitten’s mother Lana married the billionaire architect Michael Lawson, Kitten’s world isn’t the only thing that opens and succumbs to new experiences. Stiffened with a hunger that demands satisfaction, the Lawsons embark on a journey bursting with tension, secrets and sex as they navigate through the hedonistic realm the dominate Michael Lawson creates.
Goodnight Daddy brings six Volumes of the decadent desires and sizzling cravings of the lusty Lawson family together in a lip-biting, 32,000-word package of throbbing, passion. The Ties That Bind Chronicles, Volumes One through Six comes hard, brings you quickly to attention and finishes you off to leave you smiling, sapped and sated. All characters are eighteen years or older.

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