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Realising your child has special educational needs is stressful for any parent. Getting them the help they require can be a long, drawn-out, frustrating and expensive process. All too often, parents are unprepared for the complicated, emotional and often adversarial journey ahead.
This unique book is aimed at helping parents understand what they need to do in a step-by-step approach that includes extracts from successful applications for statutory assessments and placements.
About the author
Tania Tirraoro has two sons with Asperger Syndrome for whom she secured statements, despite being told she would not succeed.
She founded her special educational needs website www.specialneedsjungle.co.uk to help other parents in a similar position and hopes this book will do the same.

“I only wish that I when I was going through the statementing process, striving to get my son the right education, speech therapy and respite that I had read this book.”
Maria Hutchings, SEN Campaigner

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ISBN: 9781466052796
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