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Train Love: The Collected Works

Length: 101 pages1 hour


Train love - the wicked series that showcases the naughty activities of two love stricken overseas company girls in Tokyo, Japan - is back with the final story in this ongoing series. In celebration of this, you will find the following sexy stories in this collection:

Love Hotel
Ryuu and Kathy are back for another romp in the slick sexy country of Japan. After a bit of dress-up at a local comic book convention, Ryuu finds himself overwhelmed with need due to Kathy’s sexy maid costume. What follows is a sexy, fun experience neither of them will forget any time soon in one of the numerous love hotels in Japan.

- 1,500 words.
- Romance erotica.
- Cosplay sex.

Pink Panties: Kathy and Ryuu
Kathy has been working 14 days straight without any relief and is stressed out to her limit. Filled with a yearning she can’t ignore, she calls her boyfriend Ryuu. Getting his answer machine, she assumes he must at work and too busy to answer. Just as she is about to give up, there’s a knock on the door. What follows is a sexy mix of feminine fun that will lead both Ryuu and Kathy to the heights of enjoyment and beyond in the most fun Kathy has had in 14 days!

- 3,500 words.
- Romance erotica.
- Heated frustration sex.

First Time
Kathy and Ryuu are at it again. Things have been progressing nicely and when Ryuu comes over with a sore leg, Kathy just has to nurse him a little to make him feel better. One wild night leads to an experience Kathy's never had and three little words she has dearly wanted to hear.

- 3,500 words.
- Romance erotica.
- Kinky sex.

Train Love: Sex Onboard
Dry is an understatement when describing Laura’s love life. With a just over a year in Tokyo behind her, she is finding that getting men to show interest in her is a quite the challenge. Thankfully, one man is not completely ignorant of her charms and to the sounds of the train clattering down the tracks, Laura and Karo are going to have the most amazing sex of their lives.

- 17,500 words.
- Romance erotica.
- Romantic sex.

That's everything. I hope you will enjoy this nice piece of sexy fiction. If you would like to find out more about my work, please search for "Kenneth Guthrie" and the appriopriate title plus "Collection" or "Magazine" to find some of my best work.

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