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This Week’s Stories (October, Week 1)

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This is another in my series of magazines that contains all of my work for one week. You will find 21,700 words of great stories (some continued and some newer series or one offs.) This magazine includes:

Spy 1: North Korean Nuke
Sean wants to get paid and the CIA has a job. A stash of nuclear material with world changing power is on its way to North Korea and Sean needs to find it before it reaches its destination. Not so hard, right? Death dealing generals, mafia and more line up to stop him in his goal. Surviving this job might be the hardest task he has ever been given!

- Spy vs. Mafia and North Korean Army.
- Action adventure genre.

Spy 2: Russian Team
Sean has found something he shouldn't have. With the click of a mouse, he has become the hunted. An exciting chase ensues through the streets of the big city that will leave many corpses in its wake as Sean tries to save himself in the death chase of his life. “Gripping action that never lets off to the final scene.”

- Story 2 of series.
- Knife fight + urban warfare.
- Search for the x-project.
- Contains context images.

Horror 3: Animals
Food, tasty morsels covered in blood. My pretties wait in the darkness, sniffing, growling. They are hungry, as I am hungry; however, both of us will feed tonight as the hotel of darkness is filled with the sound of bones gnawed clean. "Fearful work by this new author."

- Horror genre.
- Real people vs. dangerous murder.
- Clever twists.

Horror 4: Open Season
The hunters become the hunted. It was supposed to be a break from the office, but it turned out to be something much worse. Death hunts the forest where no one leaves unchanged. The night will eat the unwary and in the end only one may live to tell the tale. A monster is out there. Don't sleep too soundly. “Burning prose from hell... inspired from hate itself.”

- Horror genre.
- Violent traps and hard murder.
- Friendships and peoples.
- Retribution.

Mage 5: The Time Guardian
With the worst kind of guard duty forced upon him, Sinth is in for a bit of a shock today. An accident traveler and an outlandish warrior are going to make this a night to remember as the terror that lurks in the depths of the Caverns of Time comes out to play ? at Sinth’s expense! “A hilarious run off between two of this author's most notable characters.”

- Humor and fantasy genres.
- My most popular series to date.
- Combines characters from the Sin series.

Quest 1: Left Behind
Murk, left behind by his own squad, is tied to a pole over top of a burning pile of wood with the fishlike Hercult dancing to the beat of his final day in the land of the living. Enter into this a giant carversaur ? mightiest of monsters ? and the orc champion, Oglash, and you have a recipe for disaster that can only get worse! “Hilarious comedy action!”

- Humor and fantasy genres.
- A newer series.
- Captured.
- Super human orc and mid-level warrior vs. monster.
- Legend in the making.

Sin 3: Bad Friendships
Angels aren’t all bad. Unfortunately, Sin’s old friends tend to lean to the evil side. A deadly angel with powers so great they make Sin look like a weakling is killing the city’s people and Sin wants to stop him. The fight that ensues may well kill Sin, but first he needs to find one he seeks. “Violent, glorious, perfect. A story worth reading.”

- Sin's secrets revealed a little.
- Who is Sin really?
- Fallen angel.
- Epic fight.

Sin 5: Lost and Found
Someone has kidnapped an old woman who is connected with a powerful relic from the time gone by. In steps Sin on what he thinks is the easiest job ever. Imagine his surprise when a woman from his past and the Clues Gray ? a lethal gang of thieves ? step in to make life difficult for him. “An emotional roller coaster of a book.”

Please note the events in this story happen prior to Sin

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