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Beneath His Wings: The Plot To Murder Lindbergh

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When Charles Lindbergh’s tiny, fuel-laden “Spirit of St. Louis” barely lifted off from a short Long Island runway on May 20, 1927, the world held its breath. Lindbergh and a host of post-war fliers were determined to win the "Orteig Prize" -- an award of $25,000 for the first pilot or pilots to cross the vast Atlantic Ocean between New York and Paris. Tragedy has already struck numerous attempts prior to Lindbergh's. At least six men have died in the pursuit.

In America, victory in the First Great War less than a decade before has already become a distant memory. But in defeated Germany, torn and humiliated by the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, rearming has already begun in secrecy. It is only a matter of time before Europe explodes in war again. The Orteig Prize – seen by the Germans as an Allied attempt to seat Paris as the capital of Europe
-- is the final humiliation. The Germans sabotage several attempts at success even before Lindbergh's flight.

Will the same fate await Lindbergh? Or can the Allies harness their might and resolve to protect the young pilot – and crush a German super-plot to seek revenge against America?

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