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Young Love, Young Lust (erotic fiction)

Length: 60 pages1 hour


This novella is about Brian and Liz, a college-aged couple trying to navigate the rocky terrain of a young relationship. Liz wants a stronger commitment from Brian; Brian likes Liz, but he’s young and horny and wants to play the field. After experimenting sexually to try to find some common ground, neither is sure what they want anymore.

The story is told from alternating points of view, and some of the action repeats as we see it first from Brian's and then Liz's perspective.

Word count: 17,000.

"Young Love, Young Lust" is also available in the collection of stories "Tales of Love & Lust" by Alex Exley.

Contains adult content and descriptions. Not intended for persons under age 18.

Cover photo by Dave Hare.

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