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Lost Boy: Bipolar Dreaming

Length: 82 pages2 hours


This is the story of my son Cameron, who committed suicide five years ago. He suffered from bi-polar disorder. It is about his life, his dreams, his good times and his not so good times. It is also a book about me and how I learned about bipolar disorder. It is my journey too. It is about the mistakes I made in dealing with Cameron and then my realisation and finally my understanding and above all the most important thing I learned was to listen.
This book is a mixture of many things – sadness and happiness, indifference and compassion, despair and hope, loss and recovery, lows and highs. These are all part of the shadow world for a person like my son who had to live with a mental illness.
My hope is that this story of Cameron may be read by people out there who are now in the same position as I was with Cameron. I hope they will benefit from my experiences.
I hope it will be a book also for those people out there who have ever had depression, or have ever had to deal with a mental illness.

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