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Shitz & Giggles

Length: 37 pages29 minutes


Shitz & Giggles: A trio of humorous short stories

Survivor Ship

Be sure to listen in to our newest reality radio broadcast: Survivor Ship. The Supernatural community has agreed to a contest to prove once and for all which race will reign supreme. Should be a bumpy ride, folks. Until next week, remember to bring in Kitty and Fido for the night, because you never really know who –or what—your neighbors really are.

Detective Story

Private detective Joe meets his match when the lady of his dreams—at least his wet ones—walks into his office and asks him to break a hundred year old family curse.

Felinian's Revenge

Never stand a woman up. Especially if that woman is in charge of handing out assignments sending you to different worlds...and the one giving you the pre-mission briefing.

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