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Twenty Nine

Length: 127 pages2 hours


Katherine is twenty nine years old, staring thirty in the face, and starting to wonder what she'd spent her youth on. She had a great job as a copyright lawyer in a good firm with a nice income and investment plan - and no life to speak of. Her studious, workaholic nature had meant pushing relationships, and everything else which might remotely be considered fun into the background - far into the background. So almost on a whim, she accepts a short term assignment which will call for travel - to Rio de Janeiro. For her, that amounts to grand adventure. When she meets Enrique, however, her life takes a very abrupt turn to the wild side. Katherine was not exactly a virgin, but she'd hardly ever imagined the wild, nasty things Enrique led her into, or the intensity of the sexual heat and pleasure he forced upon her. In short order, her very dull sex life was enlivened by multiple partners, public sex, lesbianism, and then bondage. Enrique was a wealthy man who played submission and dominance games. Katherine is reluctantly drawn into them, and despite horrible embarrassment, the white hot thrill of sexual hedonism takes hold of her mind. She is soon crawling before him, spanked, strapped, and even whipped! She is treated as a virtual sex slave by he, his servants, and his friends, treated like a slut, and even while shamed, finds herself reveling in it and adoring the stern, handsome Enrique! It is a far cry from the dull, staid life she had left behind, and she wonders whether she ever wants to return.

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