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Terror Times Three, Welcome to Hell Box Set, Books 1-3

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“Terror Times Three” includes the first three books from O. Penn-Coughin’s bone-chilling WELCOME TO HELL series... Kissed by a Clown/Demon at My Window/Being Zak Hagans.

In “Kissed by a Clown” a clown moves into town. And everything goes to Hell...
When he was four years old, an evil clown took Daniel Rodgers into the woods.
“Ever been kissed by a clown, Danny?” he whispered. “It’s to die for.”
As it turned out, the clown was the one who died. Or so Daniel thought.
But now, years later, the clown is back. And he’s got more on his mind this time than just a peck on the cheek.
There’s a dark plague spreading through the town of Baker City—one kiss at a time. The infected appear normal enough. But behind their twisted ear-to-ear grins, something is wrong. Terribly wrong. Soon there’ll be no one left.
No matter how much Daniel tells himself that it’s impossible, the clown has come back.
And he’s brought Hell with him.

In “Demon at My Window” an innocent pregame ritual takes a horrible turn and leads straight to Hell...
Soccer players are very superstitious. And best friends Sophie and Rosie live for soccer. So it’s not surprising when they start using a little magic to help them win their games. It’s just for fun they tell themselves at first. And then, as the winning streak goes on, they chalk it up to coincidence.
But they’ve unknowingly awakened something. Something dark and evil. Something that’s playing for keeps. Something that’s playing for their very souls.

In “Being Zak Bagans” some things are best left to the professionals. Things like Hell...
Ghost Adventurer Zak Bagans is his hero. Demon hunter, TV star, cool muscle man. Zak is everything Hunter wants to be.
So when Hunter hears about an old haunted silver mine in a nearby town, he packs up his gear and sets off on his own paranormal investigation. It’s a chance to speak to spirits, battle ghouls, and conquer evil. Plus, if he’s lucky and catches something on tape, he’ll be able to put it on YouTube and launch his own show.
But the Hell Hunter unearths doesn’t care about any of that. It’s just happy that he’s come for a visit. It’s been waiting.

WARNING: this collection is not for wimps, the squeamish, or those prone to nightmares.

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