Why in the world would the economy affect our beauty? It's not because we can no longer afford our basic skin care or make-up. It's not because you can't afford facials anymore. It is because our environment and more importantly, how we perceive it, process it, and react to it, directly affects our belief system. What you see on the outside is actually radiated from what is in the inside. If the inside is in trouble, it would take the greatest magicians in Hollywood to make the outside look OK, much less look great.
When we are distressed inside,as a result of all the changes in this rather bizarre, or shall we say, "nasty" economy,it affects many aspects of us individually and as families. It is quite possible, however to actually excel in a time like this, rather than shrink in fear and frustration. This is a time when we need to take action, not have the action take us.

Published: Dr. Bonnie Marting on
ISBN: 9781466072008
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Availability for Beautiful... Even in this Economy
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