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All Persons are created Equal unless you used the word Olympic and that’s where Equality ended. A music-man’s solitary battle against an international conspiracy attempting to deny all Americans the Right and Privilege to use the word Olympic any time, any place, for any reason under pain of destruction and financial ruin. Congress was not responsible for this extreme position espoused and enforced but the law was subject to interpretation with prejudicial and gratuitous support from the federal courts, all the way to the top. Royalty had truly visited our federal courts. With few exceptions, most jurists bowed or curtsied as the case may be. I’ve heard of star-struck but this was too sad not to be true.

The 99th & 100th Congress, the Department of Justice and Federal Agencies, and 46 states were bright spots in author’s Quixotic quest to use the word Olympic for his music label “Olympic Records” formed in Burbank, California 1982.

The Olympic records of athletes are published every four (4) years by Bantam/Doubleday/Dell Books since 1964. “Guinness Book of Olympic Records” requires no permission from any Olympic committees to own and publish these statistics, now or ever. B/D/D owns the rights to the copyrighted compilation of facts in book or any other form of Media.

Follow the bouncing balls of fickle fate and bear witness to the “luck of the draw” in a fixed contest. Feel the intensity of fight or flight, a primal expression and powerful motivator. Author had an “obligation to capital” which made the conflict necessary leaving no personal choice. Some battles were won but to no avail. The war was lost in the Supreme Court (1988) and ten years later was “won” in the Congress (1998). The Epilogue reveals a closure of sorts.

To the Lawyers, the Legislator, and the Judge I dedicated this compilation of facts and experiences. Without those particular Human Beings I could not have persevered, and without Mr. Brown I would not have written the story. He suggested it early on and emphasized the necessity of a chronology kept. The sub-title, The Pro Se Litigant, (as he named it) refers to the fact I was my own attorney until the U.S. court of appeals. Also the largest thanks of all to the existence of our Libraries.

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