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Stuck on Sentence Completions? Annoyed with Algebra? Our guide contains powerful strategies designed to boost your SAT I Score. Written by an instructor with a 99th percentile SAT score, our concise guide will explain how the test works, what question types are featured and what strategies can be used to most efficiently improve your scores on every section.

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Chapter 1: What is the SAT I all about?

The SAT I test is a requirement for admission to any US university. The test is meant to determine your overall readiness for College. The test in its current form is derived from the US Army Alpha test, created by the psychologist Robert Yerkes in 1917. It was used to test the intelligence of army recruits, and was adapted in 1933 by James Conant, president of Harvard, to administer scholarship programs. It has changed in some ways since, primarily as a response to complaints by universities that it does not provide useful information in admissions decisions. However, much of the content and the core skills that are tested have remained the same.

We think that it doesn’t do a great job of determining which students are most likely to succeed at University, as it rewards students with large vocabularies, who can complete problems quickly without errors and who don’t get caught out on trick questions. These are not really the sort of skills that will get you far at college. We also think that because scores improve with preparation, the test doesn’t measure intelligence or raw ability.

Our view, therefore, is that the SAT is a hoop that students have to jump through for various historical reasons. It is used by Universities as a signalling mechanism and helps them wade through the mass of applications they get each year. It is easy to prepare for the test. Familiarity with the test format and learning strategies can help students significantly increase their baseline score.

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Chapter 2: How do I begin?

The first thing we recommend you do is sit a full length SAT in exam conditions. Doing this will show you all the sections and question types and help you understand the stamina dimension of the SAT. Make sure you are strict with