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One Damn Thing After Another

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One Damn Thing After An­other builds on the themes of word contagion and weaponized memes that the author explored in his previous book, 2009’s How America Died. Many of the char­acters in these stories have like­wise been sickened by language: they exchange psychotic emails, adopt covert online personas, write fictitious book reviews and preach the authoritarian philoso­phies of Ayn Rand, oblivious to the harm they might be doing to themselves or others.

A scholar and a dropout clash in “The Condition.” Fact and fic­tion blur in “Drunken Fantasies, Vol. 1” as the author takes readers on a painfully funny tour through the insanity of his own booze-fueled grandiosity. For those who remain undeterred by these warn­ings, the author has also included a supplement that shows readers “How To Be An Underground Lit Legend” by employing many of the same tactics.

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