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From the Browser to the Bedroom: A Man's Guide to Online Dating Success

53 pages59 minutes


Discover the secrets of online dating success! From selecting optimal dating sites and building an effective profile, to getting a response and transitioning offline, to having a successful first date and progressing to physical intimacy, all the key information is included. This book provides proven techniques that will help you increase both the quantity and quality of your dates. What separates "From the Browser to the Bedroom" from other dating books is that the advice is unique, specific, and actionable. No generalities or platitudes, but proven techniques that actually work, including what to say and how to behave in different scenarios in order to maximize your chances of romantic success. Given the average monthly cost of membership on a dating site and the amount of money you might spend on an average date, the information in this book will recoup the small cost of its price a hundred times over. If you are tired of not getting responses from the best looking singles on the dating sites you use, then give this book a chance. It will transform your dating life.

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