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Journey to Lightningwood Forest

148 pages2 hours


Lacey Brionne has spent her 14 years in the sleepy, seaside town of Mabley, just aching for something amazing to happen. But the most excitement she’s found is sneaking out of her mother’s inn past midnight and sneaking in an hour later without getting caught.

But things change the night of the town festival when a long-thought dead cult makes an attempt on the prince’s life. Lacey thwarts the attack but sets in motion the prince’s panic and a hastily assembled journey to the furthest reaches of the kingdom for the princess, Lacey’s best friend Catrina. Not wanting to miss the adventure, Lacey and Catrina’s twin brother Connor stow away as the entourage makes it way out of town.

On their way to an enchanted forest, Lacey and the twins are joined by the young magician, Olin, and do their best to not honor Prince Tristan’s request that they all stay quiet and safe before reaching their destination. Instead, they face down mountain trolls, fend off attacks from supposed friends, experiment with newfound powers, and even negotiate a truce with a headless—but surprisingly pleasant—spirit.

All this before one of the party must make a sacrifice to a fairy queen that could save the kingdom or lose a soul forever.

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