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The Autistic Comedy

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Sequel to Dante's Divine Comedy: Don is about to embark upon a new career; the world is at his feet. All he has to do is sell his soul and it will all be his. One night he is visited by the ghost of Virgil who takes him down through Hell and Purgatory where he is forced to see society as he has never wanted to see it. The hard lessons he learns impel him to turn his back on corporate America forever, thereupon making some very powerful enemies.
The ruthless and feared Monte Feltro is hired to destroy Palace Reno, an institution that stands in the way of fast food and pop culture monopolizing the American way of life.
Don vows to save Palace Reno. He meets Beatrice, its founder. Events lead them to volunteer work in a home for autistic children, where they must learn to see society as these children experience it - from behind closed doors, where some of the most respected pillars of the community reveal their true selves when they are free to do whatever they want to the children, secure in the knowledge that the world is not watching and nobody will listen when the children, who are dismissed as nature's mistakes, try to tell the damning truth.
Feltro finds them and promises Prosecutor Rupert G. Airy a senate seat if he will accuse and prosecute Don, Beatrice, Palace Reno and even the autistic children with running an international child pornography ring. The trial of the century begins.

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