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The Final Victory

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She continues telling them, this is the only powerful method we have to force Satan to admit defeat in the final battle for the humanity‘s existence. The woman eyes glazed over and she sank into a deep sleep. The men quietly took a throw cover and put it on Theresa. They walked outside and start to talk about what was said. Saul starts first,
Michael, what I know about the tale of the Pandora Box, is long, long ago, when this old world was in its infancy, there was a child named Epimetheus who never had either father or mother.
In order that he might not be lonely, another child, fatherless and motherless like himself, was sent from a far country to be his playfellow. Her name was Pandora. Pandora was a curious child and found a box, it was an ugly one with strange symbols on it. She fought temptation, yet the box kept calling to her, open me. .He tried to distract her but her desire to see what was inside the box, won.


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