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The Dice of God

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Tanner is a wanted woman. She is running from her past as a sex slave. . . She is running from herself.
When Tanner arrives at the backwater world of Cullen’s Lode, she wonders if her troubled journey is finally at an end. Cullen’s Lode might just be the place where she can start her life anew, a place that she might finally call home. But Tanner is different. Part human, part Motic, she stands out. There are skeletons in her closet, ghosts that never cease haunting her resolve.
For Tanner’s flight to truly end she must face the men who would bind her again to slavery for their own twisted pleasures, and rescue the girl who has been taken hostage to compel her cooperation. Only by confronting her past can Tanner save her sanity . . . and the lives of those who are brave enough to become her friends.
“. . . At heart The Dice of God is an adventure story. There are characters to love or loathe, locations that spark the imagination, and action and twists that will keep you turning pages. But as with any good science fiction, it is the groundwork that makes this book entertaining. Without proper character building, setting or smooth divulgence of information, any action and adventure can appear superfluous. But Campbell lays down the law well, and when The Dice of God takes off, readers please ensure the barrier is down and their arms are kept inside the car.” Edward Cox, MA, University of Luton, Author of The Relic Guild and Walking Like Morpheus.

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