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The Monster Squad

328 pages4 hours


Cat O'Neil is a smart, tough, L.A. vice-cop - or at least she was until she broke her captain's jaw. Out of a job, she winds up in rural Oregon, working for the county Sheriff's office in charge of the night shift, and a collection of deputies collectively known as the Monster Squad.

Caitlin's dreams of a peaceful life ticketing speeders and fishing for catfish turns into a nightmare of aggravation as she tries to keep her musclebound, under-trained, and undisciplined charges in order. And when one of them is murdered, and a Chinese hooker is found in his trunk, the only real suspects are the other monsters. Conducting her investigation in a community with more than it's share of violent crime, Cat finds herself trying to tame monsters and solve a murder at the same time - and she could get killed in the process.

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