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The Vein Game

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There has never been a book that takes the sometimes confusing problem of varicose veins and spider veins and and makes it easy to understand, fun to read, and inspirational all at the same time.
Introducing "The Vein Game"! Written by a practicing vein specialist, now you too can have all of those nagging questions about your legs answered!

"The Vein Game" is like having a day long consultation with a recognized vein treatment specialist without paying for the $250 consultation.

Find out....

The latest on spider vein treatment:

"The Vein Game" reveals the secrets behind the permanent removal of those unsightly blue and purple spider veins!

The truth about varicose Veins and the latest treatments.

Stop wondering what those large twisted veins might be doing to the health of your legs. "The Vein Game" Lays it all out for you!

Secrets on how to find the right vein specialist.

"The Vein Game" finally tears down the curtain between you and the inner workings of the specialist's office and gives you the power to make great decisions about your care!

Plus so much more.....

"The Vein Game" will,

• Walk you through the complexities of the vein system using easy to understand examples.
• Show you how and where to find a good vein specialist.
• Demonstrate exactly what can happen if varicose veins are not dealt with.
• Equip you with 16 invaluable tips on how to play the vein game and win!
• Help you discover the truth about spider veins and why it is OK to have cosmetic improvement as a goal.
• Teach you how to beat insurance companies at their own game.
• Review all of the latest vein treatments and help you decide which may be right for you.
• Instruct you in what to do if a vein starts bleeding.
• Help you survive pregnancy and varicose veins.
• Tell you the truth about crossing your legs and spider veins.
• Tell you whether or not blood clots are life threatening.
• Describe how much genetics has to do with varicose veins.
• Go over the connection between varicose veins and swelling, ulcers, and skin discoloration.
• Let you know how much pain you could expect with treatment.
• Let you know if compression socks actually do any good.
• Lay out which treatments offer lasting results.
• Review many natural remedies available and how they work.

Also have access to the author's personal varicose vein blog where you can ask questions and actually get even more answers directly from the expert.

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